What Is Your Child Worth?

Of course, the worth of a child is without measure. As parents, your tax dollars are taken from you and added into a system that is probably the least effective overall education your child could receive. It’s hard to accept the idea of paying more for education, but if you have concerns about the atmosphere and ideas your child is exposed to on a daily basis in the public school system, we encourage you to consider a private school education.

At American Heritage of South Jordan, your child will be taught patriotism, kindness, and the value of working hard, along with a curriculum based on classic principles of learning. Our teachers are certified, our school is accredited. We are able to put more education value in a school day because we are exempt from having to implement social programs deemed necessary by the federal government.

Some believe “private school” means pricey or exclusive. Our tuition reflects the fact that we are able to educate students more effectively and more efficiently than the public system can. Families can affordably and effectively budget our tuition into their monthly obligations. Students who attend AHSJ commit to the school standards of good behavior and a dedicated work ethic—an “exclusive” student body that should be the standard.

We encourage you to consider the value of a traditional, classical education in a safe and respectful environment. There are few things of more value.