Accelerated Learning

Entry testing, SAT scores, and teacher recommendation are the determining factors for class placement at American Heritage. Lower school classes are generally divided according to student capability. Middle and Upper school students attend their classical literature and history classes by grade to allow for the continuity of the historical timeline, however, all students are placed according to level in the Saxon math course of study.

During the Elementary years, or lower school, students study math and phonics/language arts using materials formulated for the grade ahead. The rate of study is entirely dependent on overall class ability; accordingly, some classes will move through curriculum more quickly than others. American Heritage also uses computer-based comprehension programs that allow students to progress as they are able.

American Heritage partners with Snow College to provide the students with concurrent high school and college credit. Students can complete a General Education Certificate which transfers seamlessly to the local colleges and universities. These courses are available for a nominal fee and are open to sophomores, juniors, and senior class students for participation.

Periodically, a student may present so academically, socially, and mentally ahead of his/her age level that a grade promotion is merited. We are committed to having our students perform to the best of their abilities, however, grade promotion, while certainly possible, is addressed with great care by teachers and administrators at the school. All the above requirements must be solidly evident.