Student Academic Special Needs Policies


While American Heritage does not provide special education services, many students are enrolled that benefit from the unique environment and support offered. Accommodations include, but are not limited to: small class size, non-threatening environment (no bullying), modified curriculum based on content or competency, increased time for work/test completion, and reduced academic work load. Evaluation and services rendered are done on a case by case basis. To view a full list of possible accommodations provided by American Heritage for alternative learners, please see the Carson Smith Scholarship.

As a private school, American Heritage is not required to implement a student’s IEP. Students enrolled must be able to succeed in a normal classroom setting with minimal support. Students are expected to perform within two standard academic deviations of his/her grade level. We are unable to provide full-time one-on-one instruction, resource services, additional classroom aides, occupational therapy, speech therapy, or physical therapy.

American Heritage is an accredited school, and as a result, student scores are based on national standards. We are unable to inflate grades for special needs students, as it would negate the validity of the grades earned by high-performing students applying to colleges and our accreditation status. Therefore, a student receiving significant accommodations should not expect to receive an “A” grade.