Common Core


American Heritage keeps Common Core at a distance:
Why Common Core will not be adopted at AHSJ

  • Common Core standards were developed outside state control by the National Governor’s Association and the CCSSO.
  • Common Core is promoted by the Gates Foundation, the Pearson textbook company, the NEA, the UEA, UNESCO, and other large corporations and entities.
  • Federal dollars have purchased control over the implementation and regulations of Common Core now, and in the future.
  • “Common” curricula cannot prepare students for career tracks and university with the individuality they need. One size does not fit all.
  • Common Core wants to create capable workers, not great thinkers.
  • Classical literature has been reduced in favor of informational pieces, which may be used to promote advocacy causes.
  • States receive more money if the curriculum promotes the causes of “under-represented groups.”
  • States receiving federal money must create databases which data-mine personal and private information, which is collected nationally and could be shared with unknown entities.

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