Early College


Welcome to AHSJ Early College Program

Early college is an AHSJ & Snow college partnership program where students who qualify can earn college credit. Classes are taught at Snow College and broadcast live to our IVC (interactive video conference) room. The IVC room is set up to allow our students to see and hear the professor teaching; the professor can see our students on a monitor at the college.

The program is available for 10th – 12th-grade students. Students who are good candidates for early college are those that have a 3.0 GPA and have been successful in their other high school classes. The 11th and 12th-grade students are eligible to take 3–15 credits per semester. The 10th-grade students can take three credits per semester.

The greatest benefit of early college classes is the opportunity to receive college credit and high school credit simultaneously. Snow College has worked closely with other colleges in Utah to make sure that the classes offered will transfer to their institutions. A student who takes just one class per semester beginning their sophomore year will have 18 credit hours when he/she graduates, which is the equivalent of 1 ½ semesters.

Early college classes cost $5 per credit hour. The student will pay for this and any textbooks or class materials needed.

General Education Certificate

Students who excel academically have the opportunity to earn a General Education Certificate while AHSJ. Earning this Certificate allows a student to begin college with completed general education requirements.

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