Graduation Requirements

High school students have flexibility in taking electives, work study and early college courses throughout their high school career at American Heritage. These are in addition to the required courses of study.

4.0 English
4.0 History & Government
4.0 Mathematics
3.0 Science
4.0 Religion
3.0 Fine Arts
2.0 Foreign Langauage
0.5 Health
2.0 Physical Education
1.0 Career Tech
1.0 Education Tech
1.0 Latin
0.5 Personal Finance
0.5 Introduction to Business


American Heritage of South Jordan will only accept credits issued by an accredited institution for grades nine through 12. Likewise, credits will only be issued to American Heritage students who complete the required assignments and have no more than four unexcused absences in any given quarter. Students do not receive double credit for repeating a class. American Heritage of South Jordan is accredited by Northwest Accreditation Commission.