Middle School

Middle School is a combination of academic study and social enhancement. Sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade students rotate A and B days, having five classes each day. Students begin each day in homeroom with devotional and study hall. During devotional, they study the monthly character trait through story, scripture, or thought, recite The Pledge of Allegiance, and pray. The students are then given the remainder of the time to study, complete homework, or read a book. After devotional and morning study hall, the students attend first, second and third periods, which are all 55 minutes long. At noon, the students have lunch in the cafeteria, and then report to homeroom at 12:30 P.M. for their afternoon study hall. Students will then attend fourth and fifth periods. Classes will be different on A and B days, however, the time schedule and homeroom will remain the same.

Life in middle school includes the core classes as well as those focused on social improvement. Depending on the grade, students will participate in subjects such as choir, keyboarding, teen survival, peer relations, or guitar. They will develop skills in cooking, sewing, grocery shopping, budgeting, and dancing. They will also learn to interact with peers and parents, prevent bullying, and serve others.

AHSJ middle school students are included in most activities. They participate in a number of field trips throughout the year, which are scheduled by the core teachers, as well as occasional elective class teachers. The students also participate in the annual holiday parties: the harvest day celebration for Halloween (after the Thriller performance by all dance students), the Christmas social, and the Valentine’s day party at Classic Skating. Seventh and eighth-grade students also attend the annual youth conference which is held each May. This is a three day, two-night leadership and character building experience with guest speakers, activities, and traditions that make it memorable for all AHSJ students. The middle school students are also allowed to attend most American Heritage trips unless otherwise stated.

We believe that it’s important to help our middle school students learn to work together as teams and as individuals. By helping them find their strengths and building on them, as well as learning to develop their challenges, they can build confidence and become stronger leaders and better students.