Saxon Math and Phonics


Saxon Math

For over 30 years, Saxon Math has been delivering proven results for students in grades k–12. Saxon math takes an incremental approach to math, introducing a new skill or principle each day, then reviewing these concepts and skills day after day for weeks. This approach helps students’ confidence in their ability to “do” math successfully. Students who have used this program receive consistently high scores on standardized math tests.

  • Saxon Math is used from pre-kindergarten through calculus and physics, keeping a consistent program where students master each skill before moving on
  • Students have time to understand and practice lessons each day
  • Students are tested at the end of every 5–6 lessons
  • Lower school classes use manipulative activities for a hands-on approach
  • Students see previous concepts on daily homework and continue to use those concepts, which helps in retention
  • Students work through a combination of story and calculation problems in every lesson
  • Lessons are scripted in the lower school grades
  • 2nd and 3rd editions of Saxon Math are used

Saxon Phonics and Spelling

Saxon Phonics and Spelling is a multisensory and sequential program. It follows the same incremental principles as the Saxon Math curriculum. Each daily lesson consists of three main parts: lesson warm-up, new concept, and the application or assignment which is a continual review.

  • Students experience constant reinforcement of previously learned concepts due to the repetitive nature of the phonics program
  • Students use individual readers to master individual levels
  • Saxon Phonics is used in pre-kindergarten through 2nd grade