Testing and Evaluation

Tests and evaluations are an indispensable tool to provide information for placement purposes, academic acquisition, and progress determination. Students at American Heritage are routinely tested to help gauge success and determine areas for attention or remedial teaching.

  • All students entering kindergarten are tested during the late summer weeks (or upon entry) for placement in classes. Students are generally grouped by ability, however other factors can influence placement, as determined by the administration.
  • Middle and upper school students are all tested upon entry for placement in the Saxon math program. Class assignments are made strictly by level, not age or grade.
  • At the end of each year, students in kindergarten through 11th grades, sit for the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT). At American Heritage, importance is placed on comparing our students’ proficiency on a national level. Student scores are mailed to parents for their information.
  • Students in grades K through 6 are tested three times during the year in reading comprehension. These results are scored and presented to parents at conferences.
  • Occasionally, a teacher may have a concern regarding a student’s ability in one or more areas of study. That student can be referred for in-house testing which provides helpful information for the teacher to outline alternative teaching and learning strategies for that particular child.