Upper School

Upper school comprises grades nine, ten, eleven, and twelve. The students rotate A and B days, having five classes on each day, always starting the day with devotional in their homerooms. During the devotional, the students discuss the monthly theme (through story, scripture, or thought), recite The Pledge of Allegiance, and pray. Following the devotional, students have the remainder of the time for study hall. The students also return to their homerooms 30 minutes before lunch each day for an additional study period.

The upper school classes are a combination of rigorous academic, social enhancement, and skill development curriculum. Students will meet with a member of the administration on multiple occasions throughout the upper school years in order to ensure the proper requirements have been met and the student is on track for graduation and college.

While in upper school, students may bring an electronic tablet or laptop for school use. This allows them to access online textbooks, and perform research, as well as complete papers and projects. The students are expected to abide by school electronic guidelines; both student and parent must complete the electronic use agreement annually.

AHSJ students have many opportunities to integrate socially by participating in the following activities:

  • Back to School Activity
  • Thriller performance
  • Harvest Celebration Dance
  • Christmas Activities
  • Valentine’s Skate at Classic
  • Formal Dinner Dance
  • Youth Conference
  • Samaritan Path service groups
  • NJHS and NHS
  • Student Ambassadors

See Course Descriptions for a list of all available classes.