Spirit Sticks Recognition

What are Spirit Sticks?

Spirit Sticks® are small custom-embroidered patches that students can earn, collect, and display on their Spirit Ring™—which is provided to each student at American Heritage.

Spirit Sticks® promote school spirit and participation by providing meaningful extrinsic rewards with lasting value beyond the school year.

Spirit Sticks can be earned or bought. However, sticks that are used for rewards can not be purchased—only earned. They may be earned for good work in the classroom, such as improvement in math, reading, or spelling, memorization assignments, as well as acts of service and kindness.

Special spirit sticks are used for attendance rewards—the Jean’s Pass and the Golden Ticket. Each student who has perfect attendance for an entire month of school, never being late for class, checking out, or checking in, is eligible for a Jean’s Pass. The Jean’s Pass allows a student to wear the Friday uniform (jeans, a school t-shirt, and tennis shoes.)  Students with perfect attendance will also earn a Golden Ticket spirit stick. Golden Tickets allow students a day off of wearing the school uniform.

Other Spirit Sticks are just for fun! They are available for sale throughout the year in the office and during special events. They are sold for $1. The main office will advertise in advance which sticks will be offered for sale. In addition, once or twice a year, parents may have the opportunity to purchase the Jean’s Pass and Golden Ticket as a special gift offering.

How can parents get involved?

  • Parents can help their students get their spirit ring attached onto their backpacks.
  • Parents can remind their children that all of the teachers and staff at American Heritage of South Jordan have spirit sticks to reward and award a student for good behavior and a job well done.
  • Parents can encourage their children to earn money at home to purchase Spirit Sticks throughout the school year and/or give their children money to purchase spirit sticks for themselves, their friends, or their loved ones.
  • Parents can watch the newsletter for details on a special parents’ only spirit stick sale for Christmas and/or birthday gift ideas
  • Questions or comments? Contact Elsha Yorgason at [email protected]